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Wait, She's Gay?!

What is it about finding out that someone is queer that totally makes them more attractive and slightly more interesting?
Last week I purchased Abbi Jacobson’s book of essays, “I Might Regret This” and it’s beautiful. The book kicks off with her detailing how she just never thought that she would fall in love and then she does, and it’s with a woman. It isn’t that she ever blocked women as potential partners but something clicked and then she was in love.
I was first introduced to Abbi through a coworker. She would recall moments in episodes of Broad City until she told me it was something I had to watch. She was right. Broad City is this dope depiction of New York City through the eyes of two white girls that support each other through the highs and lows of their lives. Opposed to Friends, Broad City does depict NYC as diverse as it truly is.
On the show, Ilana comes off as more likely to be queer so I loved Abbi for different reasons. Now that Abbi has given us a look into her pers…