Change is the Constant was born from a feeling of failure during an unsuccessful bout with a job fair during my freshmen year of college. Company representatives continuously asked for virtual writing samples in the form of a blog, and I hadn't even started one. After the event, I immediately searched through the web for some sort of outlet for not only professional growth, but personal. That night, this blog was born and since then I have made it my duty to make use of this space of the web.

As I acquired more experiences, this blog evolved from a space to write down my personal thoughts into a reactionary vehicle for societal issues and current events. There are no regulations within this space, nothing that requires me to censor my own thoughts. My most popular posts can be viewed on the right side bar of the main page. These posts usually detail my most personal stories, sexual escapades, and complete bouts of honesty.

For the future, I hope that this blog can become something more than I ever imagined. I will continue to produce content that is meaningful to myself, and hopefully, to my readers. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than having my words impact someone in any small way.

*Over the past year, I have started receiving emails regarding guest blogging. As I strive to maintain a blog that encompasses experiences from every point of view, I welcome the chance to publish for a guest blogger. Should you be interested in submitting a post please send those to adminjmd@changeistheconstant.com.

Thank You


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